Graphene Power – Future promising battery technology

Graphene Power

We need Graphene Power. Human activity on this earth has brought a lot of impacts and changes to nature. Climate change due to global warming is the most felt effect today. Global warming occurs because of the increase in the temperature of the earth which is influenced by several factors, such as the effects of greenhouse gases, emissions from fuel oil, and much more. Global warming is certainly a negative thing for life on earth. This will indirectly affect the lives of humans and also living things on earth.

To overcome this, humans are now trying to find alternative energy sources that are environmentally friendly. One example that began to be applied today is the use of batteries for vehicles. This is very good, because cars that use batteries as a source of energy are very environmentally friendly and do not produce exhaust emissions that have a negative impact on the environment.

What is Graphene Power?

Graphene power is a solution to overcome this problem. Graphene power launched the ICO project with the aim of capturing the entire community to participate in this project. This is an extraordinary project, making energy sources that are environmentally friendly, very good for the future. If you want to participate in this project, you can use the crypto token issued by Graphene power as your investment medium.

Graphene Power Factory in Yecla Spain

Graphene plans to build the Spanish factory, precisely in the city of Yecla. Graphene is widely used in supercapacitors and battery construction. lightweight graphene furnishings are chemically inert, durable, more suitable for high capacity energy storage, have a longer life and are electrically charged in short intervals compared to other batteries. Grapehene itself can later be used for electric cars, smartphones, tablets, computers, bicycles, or for special medical equipment.

Why Choose Graphene Power?

Graphene is the thinnest type of material on earth. But, besides the thinnest on earth, Graphene is also the strongest material on earth. Graphene is called the thinnest material on earth because it only has one atom thick, but has a strength 150 times stronger than the same steel weight. You can imagine, if one square meter of graphene has 1000 x lighter than a sheet of paper, and is more flexible than rubber, it’s amazing isn’t it. In addition, the superiority of graphene is being able to save electricity more than 200 times, which means that graphene is more efficient than silicon. In addition, Graphene also uses carbon as its supporting material. Graphene batteries themselves have the advantage of being able to fully charge a telephone in just 5 seconds, and also for electric cars with charging for 10 minutes capable of traveling up to 1000 km.

Graphene Power technology for the future

The environmentally friendly energy produced by Graphene is a step towards a very promising future. The market growth for graphene itself will be driven by the acceleration of global electric car production and other electronic devices. Here are some reasons for choosing graphene as your infestation:

  1. No gas is needed
    Graphene offers a solution to reduce gas use at this time. The battery technology carried by graphene only requires electrical energy for recharging very quickly. This is very effective and efficient without using gas.
  2. Savings
    Graphene can also be used as savings for your future. This is a very extraordinary project. You can invest in your future this project.
  3. No Emissions
    Graphene provides solutions to current global problems, such as carbon emission gas produced from oil-fueled vehicles that damage the environment and also the effects of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Graphene provides environmentally friendly “green energy” without producing carbon emissions that damage the environment.
  4. Popularity
    Graphene is a future project that will continue to grow. The use of batteries that are more environmentally friendly will be more desirable in the future. This will allow graphene to get a place in the global community.
  5. Effective Cost
    Graphene is a solution for an efficient and effective future. Graphene proved to be 80% cheaper than using batteries as usual / lithium.

GRP Token

Graphene plans to use ICO to attract investment from the global community. Using Blockchain technology, graphene launches their tokens with the name GRP. For those of you who want to invest in Graphene, you can buy these GRP tokens for your future investment. This is because seeing the opportunities possessed by Graphene Power is very wide open as a solution for future energy. If the Graphene Power project is more successful, then automatically, the GRP token value will also be higher. This is what will bring you big profits.

GRP Token Distribution
Pre-sale of 6% – 30,000,000 GRP
ICO 80% – 400,000,000 GRP

Advisory, Consultant 3% – 15,000,000 GRP
Bounty 3% – 15,000,000 GRP
Founder 8% – 40,000,000 GRP

Roadmap for Graphene Power AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2017 Project: Market and technical research.
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2017: Negotiating with suppliers of equipment and materials.
NOVEMBER 2017: Whitepaper implementation, site launch.
DECEMBER 2017: Start Presale.
DECEMBER 2017: Legal structure, marketing campaign.
Q1 2018: Start ICO.
Q1 2018: Send Tokens to investors (Crowdsale).
Q2 2018: Buy a building. Reconstruction.
Q3 2018: Purchase of materials and equipment.
Q4 2018: Recruitment and technology training.
Q4 2018: Launching the ┬źNano International Sales┬╗ platform.
2018-2019: Factory opening

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