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Flixxo 2019. In the present era, the internet certainly has become an inseparable need for our daily lives. There are many things we can get from the internet, like listening to songs, or watching videos.

Videos on the internet are more widely used by almost everyone. Many people search for everything they like from videos on the internet, such as videos that contain education, cooking, or videos in the form of entertainment.

Now many people try to make videos to make money. Many platforms provide services to distribute videos that you make to customers. Or many options for subscribing to videos that you can find on the Internet.

However, almost all of them must have expensive costs. This is because usually the platform uses a centralized server that makes costs expensive. In addition, now many people are not interested in enjoying videos on a subscription basis, because of the quality of the content and the annoying advertisements. Of course this is very detrimental to the video producers.

What is Flixxo?

Flixxo comes with providing the best alternative for you. If you have videos, you can use it for your video sharing media. Flixxo uses the Bittornet protocol, which means that Windows itself does not use a centralized server so you avoid swelling fees.

Offers technology that is more advanced and benefits all parties. For you as a content producer, you will be free of structural costs, which means you can share income from the content you make.

Flixxo will give you credit in the form of a digital token called flixx. Flixxo really provides benefits for all, you will be able to enjoy the content you want with high quality without reducing quality and this is truly appropriate.

Flixxo Token

Has tokens called Flixx. This Flixx is needed by users to watch the videos they want. Producers can get income from cashing their work and incentivizing networks and advertisers to pay for the advertisements they place. This can be done by the way advertisers buy flixx from content producers. This system is very beneficial for all parties. Manufacturers and advertisers are not harmed, and they can also help improve Flixxo.

Flixx is created using the ethereum ERC-20 standard. This makes this token safer to move. Flixxo only issues limited numbers of flixx. After this no Flixx tokens are issued.

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