Biometrids – Facial recognition technology on Blockchain


What Is Biometrids?

Biometrids is a newly built platform to make it easier to recognize the faces of users of car devices. as well as a platform that can solve identity problems on Blockchain. The Biometrids Platform lets people identify themselves with others who use facial recognition on their phones.

Using a distributed ledger that does not change, everyone in the chain is unique. One face means one ID, and each unique ID. If you are recorded in that chain once, you will never be able to manipulate that ID again or copy that ID. This will prevent identity theft and fraud, and will also ensure users are those they say.

For example, the WhitePaper tells us that in the United Kingdom, identity theft has more than doubled in the past 8 years, with 90% of frauds occurring online. The sum of the data stolen during the big “silent” break-ins in large corporations is staggering. Just like the millions stolen online to individuals. There are solutions but they only limit the damage. But we are still in the era of usernames and passwords. In short, an open-air gold mine for hackers.

Another problem: many people on Earth do not have papers proving their identity. More than a billion … And that continues, many births are still not registered. Biometrids is based on the observation that centralized systems work (badly) like silos. And that these systems have too many flaws.

Biometrids offers a solution that seems obvious on paper: take the best of what comes and what exists, namely facial recognition and blockchain. The combination of these two elements can solve all the current problems related to identification and authentication. The transparency, flexibility and reliability of the Ethereum blockchain are well established. This is a perfect opportunity for the Biometrids project.

Decentralized authority with Biometrids

A decentralized authority that can map identities, and certify them or not. Smart contracts provide the ability to audit systems and key management reduces the burden on users. But it’s after that I find that it becomes interesting. Biometrids proposes to combine the Blockchain with the biometric properties of our faces to create an inviolable ecosystem.

Indeed, their goal is to develop facial recognition technology far enough so that no one can pretend to be for you, and therefore your confidential data and access to your bank accounts or payment sites are secure. In the same way you will be able to ask to your interlocutor to be authenticated, within the framework of a transaction, to make sure of his identity and that it does not seek to rip you off.

Facial recognition can not be wrong. It will scan different features of your face: eyes, mouth, chin, etc. Simply put, all of this is translated into numbers. You will have a picture of you pre-existing in the blockchain. When you authenticate, the platform will compare the photo you just took to that recorded on the blockchain. An algorithm will launch its calculation: close to 1 it’s you, close to 0, it’s not you …

Token sale

Token name is IDS.
There will be a total of 100,000,000 IDS.
5% will be sold in pre-ICO.
5% for prizes and advisors.
70% will be sold crowdsale.
10% for the team.
10% for foundation.

Pre-ICO will run for one week and the price is 910 IDS / 1eth. Crowdsale will run for four weeks and the price will be:
Week 1: 665 IDS / 1eth
Week 2: 550 IDS / 1eth
Week 3: 500 IDS / 1eth
Week 4: 450 IDS / 1eth

Pre-Ico and crowdsale will run until the end date, or until all the coins are sold.
10% for the team and 10% for the foundation will be locked up for three years.

Any unsold coins during ICO will be locked for five years. After five years, they will be resold to the initial investor in a private fundraising campaign. They will not be sold on the exchange.

Last tweet from Biometrids

19 mar. 2018: “Our ICO has ended! We did not reach our softcap unfortunately. We want to thank all Participants for your trust and faith in our project. Unfortunataly we didn’t reach the softcap, and you can withdraw your funds from the contract”.

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